Tuesday, November 26, 2013


She found a new home to hang on :)

                                                             Water Color on Paper

This painting was done a long time ago...but i couldn't upload this. I actually forgot to take a picture of this painting before getting it framed....had to take a pic from the glass framed painting.
I was able to capture the light and shades on her face and the body and also the water droplets on the wet body of the lady and her hair strands are captured in this painting.


vara rajendra said...

Looking at things and putting on canvas to bring them to life requires a special talent. After looking at all the sketches and the paintings, i just could not resist to appreciate that you are a wonderful person and you have the potential to reach the zenith. Your paintings brought back the nostalgic feel in me when i was young and painting. All the best in your life and keep the good work.


Thank you so much Rajendra garu

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