A Plein Air sketch of a church in-fornt of my Office. A quick sketch done in 15 min hardly during my lunch hour.

 Another sketch done at Polytechnic college.The hut in distant view with the bricks in-front of it has interested me a lot.A quick sketch again in 10 min
                                     Adjacent view of the Church done in ballpoint pen.

                                      At the STPI college.Students preparing for their exams
                                     caught my attention.
                                                 Another view at the STPI college.
                                 A view from the TT Room in the Office at which I work in Vijayawada.

                                              A quick sketch of a house with fences and tress.

                     A view from my Office towards the cross roads at Nirmala Convent Road.

                                            A view from the waiting room in my Office.

                                      Another quick sketch done from the waiting room in my office.
A plein air sketch of the railway quarters. I later painted this in watercolors. You can view the paintings in my Home page.
This is just a random sketch....drew it in a few minutes.


sumanraj said...

came here through some friends facebook profile.. Just wanted to acknowledge you that you have great talent atleast in the eyes of some layman like me in painting.. I wish u reach great heights in painting.. All the best..


Thank you!

Venkat Mannam said...

your Sketches are too good madam


Thank you Venkat garu!

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