Monday, October 28, 2013

I have got three good news in a row .....
First news I got was,I received jury award for the Carpenter Painting(Can see my previous post for this Painting). I finished that painting almost over night. I had Painted it after a gap.Got a very good appraise from the critics for this Painting.It was indeed a good news that I am happy about.

Second one was I passed my First year MFA which I appeared in the Months of July-August. I was indeed a bit down at the time of my exams......but I am very happy that I passed my First year MFA....Now through to Second year MFA.

Third one was.....Five of my students won laurels in various different painting contests. I used to win so many Painting Contests when I was at School and College, and now its my students whom I train up are winning the contests. Five Prizes for my students in a season......I am re-living those wonderful winning moments again. Its absolutely blissful.

Can't figure out which one is the sweetest :)

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