About me

Painting has been my passion since my childhood. I create Paintings that are built on

my strong aesthetic sense as well as my interest in the changing world of  today. I started

drawing at the age of three.My Parents and my uncle Mr.Konada SriHari Rao noticed

the zeal for Art and encouraged me to participate in Painitng contests from Primary

School Level.

I won several painting contests at school level, college level and also at University Level.

My Paintings  are featured in many exhibitions and Art festivals.Some of my paintings are

in private collections in India and Abroad. I am also a freelance illustrator for some of the

local and online magazines.

I often use contemporary ideas combined with strong traditional techniques.As a subsistence

hunter, I collect the materials for my work from the every day life I face and the burning

problems in the society.I feel that “ Paintings are the unspoken emotions captured on Canvas ” .

Coming to my educational background, I received my Masters degree in Computer Applications from

Acharya Nagarjuna University,Andhra Pradesh and I am now working as a Software Testing

Engineer in a US based Software Company in Vijayawada.

With brush on one hand and bytes on the other, enjoying my  work and doing paintings

simultaneously. I continue  to explore new ways to share  my cultural traditions.I live

in Vijayawada, AndhraPradesh with my parents.

Participated Exhibitions

. 2014 Solo Exhibition of Paintings at Hyderabad.

. 2013 Group Exhibition at Ajantha Kalaramam,Guntur.

. 2012 Group Exhibition at Ajantha Kalaramam,Guntur.

. 2012 Attended Workshop on Bio-Diversity,Vijayawada.

. 2012 Group Exhibition on BioDiversity,VIjayawada.

. 2011 'Art Scapes' Group Exhibition at State Gallery of Fine arts,Hyderabad.

. 2009 Group Exhibition at Hyderabad.

. 2008 Group Exhibition at Hyderabad Art Society,Hyderabad.

. 2008 Group Exhibition at Swathanthra Samarayodhula Bhavan,Vijayawada.

. 2007 Group Exhibition at Navrathan Art Show,Vijayawada.

. 2006 "Chithranjanli" Solo Exhibition in Vijayawada.
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