Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 Oil on Canvas. - 24" x 20" inches.
I couldn't see sparrows these days. Went to a remote place a couple of weeks ago and I was delighted to see the sparrows after a long time......Captured them on Canvas... I love those cute little birds which are getting extincted these days.


She found a new home to hang on :)

                                                             Water Color on Paper

This painting was done a long time ago...but i couldn't upload this. I actually forgot to take a picture of this painting before getting it framed....had to take a pic from the glass framed painting.
I was able to capture the light and shades on her face and the body and also the water droplets on the wet body of the lady and her hair strands are captured in this painting.

Monday, October 28, 2013

I have got three good news in a row .....
First news I got was,I received jury award for the Carpenter Painting(Can see my previous post for this Painting). I finished that painting almost over night. I had Painted it after a gap.Got a very good appraise from the critics for this Painting.It was indeed a good news that I am happy about.

Second one was I passed my First year MFA which I appeared in the Months of July-August. I was indeed a bit down at the time of my exams......but I am very happy that I passed my First year MFA....Now through to Second year MFA.

Third one was.....Five of my students won laurels in various different painting contests. I used to win so many Painting Contests when I was at School and College, and now its my students whom I train up are winning the contests. Five Prizes for my students in a season......I am re-living those wonderful winning moments again. Its absolutely blissful.

Can't figure out which one is the sweetest :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

                                                                     The Carpenter

                                                       Size : 36" x 48
                                                       Medium - Acrylics on Canvas
Finally found some time for myself to put some of my old sketches on Canvas.Painting of a Carpenter done in Acrylics on Canvas. Able to capture the darker skin tones.Loved doing this painting after a long time gap.

Acrylics on Canvas

                                               Acrylics on Canvas - Figurative Painting.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Darpana Sundari - Pen work

                          Darpana Sundari of Beluru and Halebidu. This is a Pen work done on paper

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Old Man
Oil on Canvas.
This is an Oil Painting on canvas of an Old man who was resting on the footpath in a hot afternoon.This old man caught my interest to capture him on canvas. I took a quick sketch of him in my book and later finished the painting on Canvas.
Palm Fruits
Acrylics on Canvas.
This is a still life painting of PalmFruits in Acrylics on Canvas.This is quite an unconventional composition in top viewport of the Palmfuits in a basket.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Got First Prize in a Painting Contest on Traffic Saftey conducted at Book Festival today. Participated in an On the Spot Contest after so many years.Gone nostalgic down the memory lane.Since a couple of years I got used to in attending as a Judge for Painting Contests for School and College Students,attending Workshops and Art Exhibitions, but this contest was quite refreshing for me. It was totally unexpected,I just went to Book Festival on some other work and unexpectedly attended the contest and got First Prize. It was indeed a wonderful experience.
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